Friday, September 4, 2015

Q. Bertha Solberg purchased land on west Queen Anne hill (1893)

Charen Blankenship (Olympia) asks ...
"I found the Warranty Deed which says: 'purchased by Bertha Solberg on May 27, 1893 for $500.00, Lot 32 in Block 144 of the Gilman's Addition to Seattle.' Where is this property?"

Good Question!

A. (answer) It took a bit of digging, but I've uncovered the following information.

"The GILMAN'S ADDITION to the City of Seattle comprises the following tracts of land; all lying and situated in Township Twenty-five (25) North of Range Three (3) East of the Willamette Meridian, in King County, State of Washington, to wit, - The H. A. Smith Donation Claim, Number Forty-one, the E. N. Smithers Donation Claim Number 10, Lots one (1), two (2), four (4) and five (5) of Section Fourteen (14), the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of said Section Fourteen, also Lots one (1), two (2), and three (3) of Section Twenty-three, also Lots one (1) and three (3) of Section Twenty-four (24); also Lot six (6) of Section Eleven (11) excepting out of said lands, above described ..."

Locating the specific 'block' and 'lot' took some deeper research. I solicited the expert advice of the archivist of the King County Archives. Below is a small sub-section of the 1890 map that accompanied the 'addition' description shown above. In the center of the image, on the right hand side of the page, you will see Block #144.  West Ray Street is on the north end of the block, and West Wheeler Street is on the south end. In this image, Lot #32 is on Sixth Ave, about the center of the block - just below the first number '4' in Block 144.

The second image is from the 1912 Baist Map. The left-hand one-third of this 1912 map is roughly the same geographic area as all of the 1890 map. You'll notice that some of the street names have been changed, so that this Lot 32 in Block 144 is now on 12th Ave W. The street names were changed on December 23, 1895 (City of Seattle Ordinance 4044).  (Gilman, W. Ray and W. Wheeler still have the same names as they had in 1890, however.)  In 1912, there appears to be no built structure on this piece of land. 

When I pulled up the King County Parcel Viewer, I found that this piece of land has a single family home on it that was built in 1969. The present-day address is 2541 12th Ave W (98119). The lot is on the western slope of Queen Anne Hill that looks west across Interbay Golf and the Interbay P-Patch toward Magnolia.

Below is an aerial view of the property as it looks today, in 2014. The top of the image is north. 

Hope this answers the question. :) 

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